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Our Advantages

  • Forward's industry research team has a group of professional analysts with composite expertise, as well as senior professors from industry associations, and well-known companies;
  • Forward has its own database, information collection center, outdoor research group, the project management team to synchronize its cooperation;
  • Forward independently develops market database of about 1000 segmented market, with each database has been continuously updated;
  • Forward has established information collection and monitoring system on major industries based on weekly, monthly, yearly procedure for 15 years;
  • Forward's analysis model utilizes structure-conduct-performance (SCP) guided by the industrial chain research map;
  • Forward's IPO consultancy has established good corporational relationships with China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, Guangdong Construction Bank, PE, VC institutions, accounting firms and various China regional finance bureaus and listing offices;
  • Forward has follow-up studies of both overseas and domestic listings for 10 years and has rich experience in equity investment raising. It has special insight into the problems of rejected listed companies and has a strong risk analysis capability;
  • Forward has a sophisticated way of understanding the relationship between China Security Regulatory Commission and investment raising projects;
  • Forward's database obtains huge data support from Tsinghua University, the National Bureau of Statistics, the State Information Center, General Administration of Customs, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, industry associations and other authoritative bodies. Forward's data channel covers eight branches and more than 10 information research centers of the country;
  • Forward has provided many of Chinese top 500 enterprises and large foreign enterprises with information services of investment decisions for 15 years and has earned successful experience and good reputation. It has years of experience in industry consulting services and in-depth analysis and research of various segments of the market, with a rich resources of enterprise connections and innovation studies.
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