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Address: 19F Block A, First World Plaza, Hongli West Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen China

Development History

Established in 1998 in the Tsinghua Garden of Beijing, Forward Intelligence Co., Ltd. is specialized in providing strategic references of industry decision terminals, segmentation industry market researches, corporation IPO overall solutions, special market solutions, industry park planning, industry cluster planning, corporation developmental strategies, monthly market monitoring reports, in-depth market researches, programme feasibility researches, data base marketing services, etc., as well as meeting the needs of learning and improving operating capability respectively for corporation learners and world-class managers.

Combining with massive data and rich professional researches which is accumulated over 10 years, and relying on abundant professional data supported by national statistics agencies and industry associations, Forward renders comprehensive, precise, promptly and consecutive industry market intelligence and information services to customers. With the 10 years’ development, Forward has become a leading special market research insitute, together with a pacemaker in Chinese sub-industry market research field.

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