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Terms of Service

  • Confirming and accepting terms of service on Forward

    All copyrights and operation rights of electronic services on belong to Forward Intelligence Co. Ltd. The services provided by Qianzhan will perform in accordance with release service agreements . Users must agree to all terms of service and complete the registration process in order to become an official user of
  • Service Introduction

    Depending on Forward's own operational system, we provide users network services via Internet. Meanwhile, users must:

    Prepare the necessary equipment of Internet, including a personal computer, a modern and other required devices.

    Be responsible for your own Internet paid and other relevant fees, such as phone bills and network charges.

    Based on the importance of network services provided by Forward, users should agree to:

    Provide personal data as specific and accurate as you can.

    Keep updating your registration information to make sure everything is prompt, detailed and accurate.

    Once you become a member of Forward website, you will irregularly receive information and services of finance, stock market and other new products via email or text message. You should agree to and accept that these emails and text messages are not spam mails or messages. will not public users name, address, email address and pseudonym, except that:

    Users authorize Forward to provide their personal information.

    Relevant laws and procedures require us to provide users personal information. If there is any incorrect information in what users provide, Forward reserves the right to cancel users to use Forward's network services.

    After confirming your identity to access to, you will receive some related products from us. Once you confirm what kind of products you choose, you may not change it.
  • Change terms of service and revise services has right to revise terms of service if necessary. Once there is any change, we will notice you on the important pages of our website. If you disagree to what we revise, you can initiatively cancel the network services. If you continue to enjoy our network service, you are regarded to accept our changes of terms of service. We have right to revise and suspend free services at any time without informing you. We won't be responsible for users or any third party due to revise or suspend free services.

  • Privacy policy for user

    It's a basic policy to respect users' privacy for us. Therefore, as the added information for the second item mentioned above. Forward won't public, edit or disclose registration information or any non-public information stored in Forward website without the authorization of legal users. Except with legal licensing requirements or on the basis of Forward's integrity and sincerity, Forward thinks disclosing the information is necessary as the following conditions require:

    Comply with relevant laws and Forward legal service procedure.

    Protect Forward's trademark rights.

    Maintain privacy security of personal users and the public in emergency.

    In accordance with other relevant requirements.

  • User account, password and the security

    After register and become a legal member of our website, you will receive a password and user name. You should take all responsibility for their security. In addition, each user takes full responsibility for all activities or events conduct by the user name. You can change your password at any time according to instructions. If you find any illegal use of your account or any security problems on your account, please inform us immediately. We will do our best to ensure the security of registration information.

  • No guaranty

    Users take risks for the network services. We make neither clear nor connotative guarantee for it. However, we don't restrict the guarantees on commercial implied warranty, special purpose or legal regulations. We neither guarantees that we can meet users all requirements, nor assure the service will not suspend, delay, safely deliver or mistakenly deliver. And we make no guarantee on all information services or transaction process.

  • Limited Liability

    We take no responsibility for direct, indirect, occasional, special or violent damages. These damages mainly come from: improper use of network services; purchasing products via Internet or receive the same kind of services as ours; transacting on the Internet; illegal use of network services or changes on users' transmitting information. These behaviors may lead to Forward's image impaired. In order to maintain normal operation of our website, we will maintain our website regularly or irregularly, so if there is any suspending situation happening due to maintenance, please forgive us. We try to avoid the suspending situation happened or try to control the repairing time in the shortest period. If there are any irresistible causes or other uncontrolled causes leading to the crash of Forward system that you bought or improperly use of the network, resulting in your incompletion of network purchasing on Forward's website or the loss of related information and data, we take no responsibility for it. However, we will try our best to deal with these situation, devoting to avoiding or lessening your economic loss.

  • Store and limit to user information

    We take responsibility for failure of deleting and storage of information published by users. We have the right to judge whether a user's behavior complies with terms of service on our website or not. If the user violates the terms of service, we have right to suspend the network services for the user.

  • User Management

    User takes sole responsibility for publishing contents. User use services in accordance with all national laws, local laws and international laws applied our website. User should comply with:

    To transmit technical information from the territory of China must comply with relevant laws and regulations of China.

    Don't use network services for illegal purpose.

    Don't interfere with or confuse network service.

    Comply with all network protocol, regulations, procedures and practices.

    User must promise not to transmit any illegal, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene and other information. In addition, user is not allowed to transmit any information to abet crimes; to transmit any information that results in ill conditions in domestic or threatening nation's security; and to transmit any information that go against local regulations, national laws and international laws. Unauthorized and illegal access to other computer systems is prohibited. If a user's behavior doesn't meet the terms of service mentioned above, we will immediately cancel the user's service account when make an independent judgment. Users need to take responsibility to their own acts. If a user spread and disseminate reactionary, pornographic or other violation information against national laws, the system of Forward website will record the information as the evidence of violating laws.

  • Guarantee

    User should agree to guarantee and protect the interests of all members of Forward website, taking responsibility for the payment beyond the scope of the litigation costs by the user and for the compensation for the damage caused by violating terms of services.

  • End services

    User or Forward website have right to suspend one or more network services according to actual conditions at any time. Forward website takes no responsibility for suspending services to any one or any third party. If users have any objection to revised terms or dissatisfaction at Forward website, users can exercise the following rights:

    End the use of network services provided for Forward website.

    Inform Forward website to end the services for the user.

    After ending services for the user, the right to use Forward's network services will be suspended immediately. From then on, the user has no right or Forward website has no obligation to transmit or deal with any unprocessed information or incomplete services for the user or the third party.

  • Notice

    All notices to users will be sent via important pages on the website, email or conventional letters. All changes of terms of service, changes of services or other important events will be conducted in the ways mention above.

  • Involve in advertising planning

    Users can publish information with their promotional materials or involving advertising planning. Users can freely display their products on Forward website. All these promotional methods, including goods delivery, payment, services, business terms, guarantee or description related to advertising just take place between relevant users and advertising sellers. Forward Intelligence Co. Ltd. takes no responsibility for it, and Forward website has no obligation to responsible for these kinds of advertising sales activities.

  • Ownership of network services contents

    The definition of network services contents on Forward website: all contents of word, terminal, voice, picture, video, chart and advertising; all contents of email; and other information provided by Forward website. All these information are protected by copyrights, trademarks, label and other property ownership laws. Therefore, all contents are only used with the authorization of Forward website and advertisers, or it's not allowed to copy, recreate or create relevant derivatives of these contents without any permission. All article copyrights on Forward website belong to original authors and Forward website together. Anyone who needs to reproduce any article on Forward website should get permission from the original authors or Forward website. Our services methods are adapt to accessing to Internet via dial-up (or other accessing ways to) Internet.

  • Service objects for terminal products on Forward website

    The service objects for terminal products on Forward website only limit within China citizens (including citizens in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao areas).

  • Risk warnings for terminal products

    There are risks in stock market. Be cautious when you enter. All terminal products researched and developed by Forward are data analysis integration system of computer technology. All technical indexes, charts, figures or hints are just for your reference. They are not likely becoming basis for your securities buying and selling. If investors do so, they should bear their own risks. Our company will take no economic or legal responsibility for it.

  • Laws

    If there is any controversy or dispute, such as product quality, delivery delay, and return problems, users can settle these problems via negotiating with customer service center of Forward website in accordance with the after-sales services promised for the products that users bought, "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China", "Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", and other laws and regulations. If can't be solved via negotiation, users can complain to Customer Association or seek for the help of legal channels.

    Legal jurisdictions: If two parties have any disputes on the agreement or the implementation, both parties had better settle it by friendly negotiation; If fails by negotiation, either party has right to bring a lawsuit in any people's court located in Forward's registered area.

  • Disclaimer

    Forward takes no responsibility for any information abnormal conditions caused by securities stock exchanges, satellite transmitting lines, telecommunication departments or network services providers. However, Forward has an obligation to positively assist stock exchanges, telecommunication departments, and network services providers to get them right.

    Users should always avoid and eliminate the adverse impact on Forward website, both economic loss and reputation damage due to the situation of information missing, information errors, information loss and information delay, and information suspending caused by the reasons given above. Users can not bring a lawsuit against Forward website because of the causes mentioned above depending on this contract. In addition, Forward will take no responsibility for the loss of relevant services interruption caused by earthquakes, typhoon, wars, strikes, governmental behaviors, epidemics, explosive and epidemic diseases or other diseases; fires not because of both two parties; and basic telecommunication suspending and other non-prevented or irresistible reasons, but Forward will inform you the cause of service interruption and positively settle in down.

  • Special Notice

    Without the written approval from Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, any user or website is not allow to re-spread the terminal market information in our website for any reason or by any way.
  • Contents of the terms of service are applicable to any terminal products and services in our website


    Regulation on the Telecom of People's Republic of ChinaMeasures on the Administration of Internet Information ServicesRegulation on the Administration of Internet BBS ServiceInterim Provisions on the Administration of Computer Information Network and the Internet of People's Republic of ChinaImplementation Measure for the Interim Provisions on the Administration of Computer Information Network and the Internet of People's Republic of ChinaOrdinance on the Computer Information System Security Protection of People's Republic of China Measures on the Administration of the Security and Protection for Computer Information Network and the Internet

       Your register as a user of our website means your fully acceptance of the above legal statements.

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