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Nine Capability Verifications

  • Customer Feedbacks

    You can learn if a company pays great attention to products quality and service quality by customers' feedbacks. Qianzhan currently are serving 68 000 clients, and over 10 000 send feedbacks speaking highly of us.(View Customer Feedbacks)

  • Data Platform

    Data base is the key to a quality detailed sector. Over 10 years of data accumulation is the provement of a company's core competitiveness. You can require a demanstration so as to confirm it.

  • Pay a visit locally

    Pay a visit to the company, which helps you fully understand the company's most critical information, like personnel status, company scale, corporate culture, etc. This is the easiest and best way among all. For now, Forward has served more than 1000 foreign customers and over 3000 domestic customers.

  • Large project experience

    Ask the company to provide 10 copies of project contracts(including signature and stamp), also the completion sample. Qianzhan guides 15 companies monthly in the major stock market sectors and IPO.

  • Complete Quality Control System

    Ask the company to show their R & D process and quality checking system, therefore you can learn if their products' quality reliable or not.

  • The Quality of Researchers and Customer Service

    Highly qualified employees are the basement of quality products. Thereby you can determine their professional services by interacting with employees.

  • Cooperate with Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, and highly recognized by Shenzhen Government leaders

    Forward is appointed exclusively by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee to compile "Technology and Finance" magazine, and is highly appreciated by Shenzhen government leaders.

  • Authoritative media interviews and reports:

    Forward has always been favored by Phoenix, Central Finance Channel, Shenzhen Satellite TV, Jiangsu TV and other major TV media units. Qianzhan industry analysts opinions and research data are frequently quoted in the financial section among numerous authoritative online media (Sina, Tencent, Netease, and telecommunications networks, financial, etc.) meanwhile qutoed by a number of newspapers and magazines , and become the exclusive editing unit of Economic Observer report newspaper, 21st Century Finance Report , Contemporary Financiers, China Industrial Commmercial Newspaper " let's look at the industry development trend".

    1. TV media interviews( Video)

    2. Authority citation(cite example)

    3. Media reports(article)

  • Attend Industrial Forum

    Forward chief analysts have repeatedly been invited to various large industries thematic forums activities, and made keynote speeches, which fully presents our analysts' expertise and highly recognized by industry leaders. During the process of sharing this topic, our analysts get successfully hired by mutliple enterprises as senior industry consultants.

    Participated in some large professional seminar (shown as below):

    1. Guangdong Province industrial investment seminar

    2. The second session of the Chinese cosmetic agent Assembly

    3. Application of mold materials and accessories worldwide Exchange Conference

    4. Smart Business Fortune Forum

    5. Shenzhen SME Development Association Conference

    6. 2012 Third Sichuan SME Financing Summit

    7. Ministry of Finance No. 31 listed exchange with three new board

    Other methods:

    See if this facility have professional qualification certificates(View Qualification)

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