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Major Processes of Industry Segmentation Research

Set up the research group and determine the research content

Every research group contains an expert group and a project group. There are 5 experts in the expert group, and each of them is experienced expert in industry association. Meanwhile, there are 6 members and one project manager in the project group, each of them possesses master degree.

The total market survey

There will be a survey of more than 20 provinces in China, as well as administrative departments and industry associations.

The market occupation rate survey

There will be a sampling or overall survey of more than 20 capital cities in China, as well as more than 200 large retail unites and other professional sales channels.

The enterprise production and marketing survey

There will be a statistic survey of the output and sales volume in leading enterprises and typical enterprises.

Verify the data from a variety of information channels

  • Analyze the data and start the first draft of research report
  • Check and approve by experts and entrepreneurs
  • A systematic analysis from analysts
  • Researching systematically on industry profit index, growth index, opportunities, early-warning point, in addition, completing research
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