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Major Contents

Macroeconomic Environment Information:

PEST analysis model stands for Political and legal, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis. According to PEST, we analyze industry developmental environment, and help corporations to further comprehend developmental environment status and development trend of their industries.

Supply and demand status of major upstream and downstream industries, as well as the price change by the affection of major raw materials.

Industry competitive landscape and competitive trend; Technical research and development gaps between domestic and foreign corporations; Multinationals Investment layout in China.

Micro Market Environment Analysis:

Market Capacity, Market Size, Development Speed, and Competition Condition of Current Industry

Major Corporation Scales, Financial Conditions, Technologies R & D, Marketing Status, Investment, Merger and Acquisition Status, Product Category, and Market Share of the Industry, etc.

Customer Demand Analysis: Product Purchasing Demand Scale of Customers and Downstream Industries, Bargaining Power and Demand Characteristics, etc.

Import and Export Market: Industry Product Import and Export Market Status and its Prospect

__ Product Market Status: Product Marketing Status, Demand Status, Price Change, Technologies R & D Status, Product Major Marketing Channels, etc.       

__Key Regional Market: Major Distribution Regions of Leading Corporations, Customer Gathered Regions, Industrial Clusters, Change of Industrial Area Investment

Industry Development Key Factors and Development Forecast:

Analyzing major sensitive factors and forces affect industry development; Forecasting industry development trend in the following 5 years; Entry opportunities and investment risks of the industry; Making Market Strategies for corporations and estimating industry risks for reference.

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