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Market Segmentation Research Before Listing

Qianzhan Advantages of Market Segmentation Research before Listing:

10-year-old powerful data information system is a critical provider for feasibility research of fund-raising projects.

With 10 years experience in consecutively tracking domestic and foreign listed projects, we excel at dealing with fund-raising projects.

We excel at analyzing reasons that corporations are denied to be listed. Moreover, we are expert in analyzing project risks and avoiding risks.

Precisely handle the mapping relationship between issuing and approval rules and the feasibility research of fund rasing projects. It ensures the strong availability of securities companies in Qianzhan.

  • What significance dose professional consultancy firms for corporations to go public

  • Though tracking, monitoring and researching on the 829 successful listed corporations in NASDAQ, NYSE, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Qianzhan found: 664 corporations invited professional consultancy firms to help them conduct IPO affairs, accounting for 80.1%; 87 corporations utilized own recourses to conduct IPO affairs, accounting for 10.5%; 59 corporations completed IPO affairs by their own through purchasing researches, accounting for 7.1%; Only 19 corporations went public successfully without referring to any professional market research service, which just accounts for 2.3%. Thus, it's very important to cooperate with a professional consultancy firm to ensure the successful listing. Such consultancy will provide professional training and suggestions before listing.

  • Significance of Segmentation Market Research

  • Mapping Relationship Between CSRC Requirements and Market Segmentation Research

  • Intelligence and Information Demand Distribution Status of Various Industries

  • Because of lacking market segmentation information seriously, information from field research is quite necessary for an authority segmentation report.

  • Qianzhan’s Research Recourse System

  • Qianzhan has almost 70 market segmentation research departments in the nationwide, 15 research bases, 5 customer service centers and 3 research centers, which form a powerful and strong research team and a perfect research system. They are forceful guarantees for data acquisition work of segmentation market.

  • Qianzhan Research Process

  • Qianzhan Sub-industry Research Method

  • Qianzhan Research Framework of Segmentation Market

  • Chapter 1: Research Overview

    Chapter 2: Industrial Chain Analysis and its Advantages/Disadvantages Analysis

    Chapter 3: Industry Status in Global Market, Market Capacity and Development Trend

    Chapter 4: Analysis of Market Demand Scale and Development Trend in Major Countries

    Chapter 5: Technology Development Status and Trends of International/Domestic Industries

    Chapter 6: Analysis of Industrial Policy and Development Characteristics

    Chapter 7: Analysis of Barriers to Entry for the Industry

    Chapter 8: China's Industry Status, Market Scale, Market Capacity and Development Trend

    Chapter 9: Market Share and Competitiveness Analysis of Key Corporations in China Market over the Past Five Years

    Chapter 10: Demand Characteristics and Scale Analysis of Downstream Industries

    Chapter 11: Conclusion of Segmentation Market Research

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