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A Letter to Our Customers

Distinguished Customers,

How are you? Greetings from Qianzhan! We wish you all the best!

We all know it's so important to go public for a rapidly developing corporation. With the reviving of IPO, there are more and more corporations hoping to approach the IPO market. Particularly, the small-medium corporations are more eager to enter SME Board and GEM board markets! You may also get ready for it, do you?

Thank you so much for your concern and support. Because of your trust and choice, we, Qianzhan, can maintain our leading position in information industry and develop ourselves in the IPO consulting market at the full speed!

Established in 1998 in the Tsinghua Garden of Beijing, Qianzhan Business Information Co., Ltd. is specialized in industrial research business, market information monitoring business, and etc. Now, it has been one of the largest information and intelligence corporations in the nationwide, owning 50,000 clients all over the world, including 10 thousands of clients with 8 consecutive year services; Qianzhan has 8 independently data bases of self-innovation. Qianzhan has been one of oldest corporations which have kept providing IPO consulting services since it accessed IPO market in 2006. What major services we offer are segmentation research before corporations going public, feasibility research of fund-raising investment, PRE-IPO financing services and etc. As of the end of 2010, over 100 corporations accept IPO services via different ways from us. Among them, there are more than 40 listed corporations and more than 50 corporations that are about to go public. Qianzhan has accumulatively cooperated with over 80 celebrated intermediary organizations, including over 30 securities companies like, Guosen Securities, China Merchants Securities, Ping An Securities; over 10 PE and AV institutions, like Shenzhen Capital Group, Shanghai Dinghui Investment Co.; over 20 law firms, like Jiayuan Law Firm and Deheng Law Offices, and many noted accounting firms, like PwC and Shine Wing, etc. Meanwhile, we have made close strategic and cooperative alliances with dozens of financial listed offices in the nationwide.

The seasons why we can maintain our leading position in the IPO consulting industry as follows: Firstly, we own 13-year experience in researching segmentation market and professional research system; Secondly, we have cooperated with governmental media and associations for 13 years long; thirdly, we own self-developed data base system! Choosing Qianzhan there will be a difference for you, for our over 10-year-old noted brand, rich experience with trade dealers, excellent market research capability and high quality elite team! We sincerely welcome you to visit us, and witness our strength before you choose us! If you are at the sprint phase of IPO, or plan to be listed in the near 3 to 5 years, welcome to contact!

Thanks quite a lot for spending your precious time reading this letter!

Kind regards,

Qianzhan Business Information

PS: IPO consulting line:

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