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Overall Pre-IPO Planning

1. Why IPO is necessary for corporations?

Public offering is a main routine for corporations to grow rapidly. The main advantages are:

  • It's good for corporations to establish a direct financial platform for small-medium corporations, increase proportion of self-owned capital, improve corporation capital structure, enhance the anti-risk ability of corporations and strengthen the development capability of corporations.
  • It's good for corporations to set up modern enterprise system, improve the corporate management and reduce operational risks.
  • It's good for corporations to build a modern system of property rights with attributive clarity, well-defined rights, strict protection and right management.
  • It's good for corporations to establish corporate brand, improve corporate image, aiming at developing the market effectively and lowering financing and business costs.
  • It's good for corporations to perfect encouragement mechanism to attract and retain talents.
  • It's good for corporations to conduct M&A operations, as well as to utilize all kinds of financial tools to integrate the industry and make it bigger and stronger.
  • It's good for the stock’s appreciation and liquidity enhancement.

2. Qianzhan How to Make Overall Planning for Corporation Going Public

Going public refers to stockholders' great interests adjustment and strategic selection for the corporation direction. Corporate executives will definitely face double pressure of business inside the corporation and works on listing. Plus the limitation of professional knowledge, it's hard for them to manage so many agencies to select an optimal listing plan, and coordinate with them for the purpose of realizing effective implementation.

Qianzhan provides you integration services on listing consulting. First of all, Qianzhan makes a scientific listing strategic planning, including feasibility, advantages and disadvantages analysis, the selection of the listing site, the adjustment of corporation structure and business planning. It is better to prepare the listed planning 2-3 years in advance (When it reaches proximately 10 million RMB after-tax profits, it is time to get ready). Secondly, Qianzhan discusses this plan with customers to reach a consensus, in order to benefit from the combination of professional knowledge Qianzhan possesses, and the corporation's fully understanding to itself. Then in accordance with actual conditions, Qianzhan renders all-round services to the corporation, aiming at realizing successful listing as soon as possible. Specific services include:

  • Assist corporations to learn more necessary knowledge on listing;
  • Conduct the initial due diligence, problem diagnosis and business guidance;
  • Come up with constructive and improving suggestions for corporations' technical research and development capability, since Qianzhan owns so many experts and networks of emerging industries, which can assist to provide customers with effective suggestions, to shape good technical R&D images, and create great images for their investors;
  • Bring in strategic investors, accelerate capacity expansion and effectively increase profits to resolve capital pressure before corporations listing;
  • With the reference to listing requirements, sort out existing problems and conduct comprehensively and deeply analysis on corporations, in case of finding potential problems in advance, and then propose reforming plans and cooperate with the corporations to solve them in the early days. Indeed, lessen real obstacles before listing;
  • Complete organizational structure and internal management, as well as clear business developmental goals and directions to fund-raising;
  • Assist corporations to employ institutional sponsors(securities companies), and  intermediary institutions, like accounting firms, asset appraisal institutions, law firms, etc. for the purpose of demonstrating the feasibility of restructuring plan;
  • Assist corporations to prepare initial public application documents, to write high-standard materials in accordance with strategic financing and listing requirements, and provide customers with many advantages for accelerating the listing progress, like improving customer valuation levels, successful introduction of strategic investors, smoothly getting approvals from CRSC.
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