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Fund-raising Project Feasibility Research

Qianzhan Advantages of Fund-raising Project Feasibility Research:

10-year-old powerful data information system is a critical provider for feasibility research of fund-raising projects.

With 10 years’ experience in consecutively tracking domestic and foreign listed projects, we excel at dealing with fund-raising projects.

We excel at analyzing reasons that corporations are denied to go public. Moreover, we are expert in analyzing project risks and avoiding risks.

Precisely handle the mapping relationship between issuing and approval rules and the feasibility research of fund-rasing projects. It ensures the strong availability of securities companies in Qianzhan.

  • Concept and Significance of Fund-raising Project Feasibility Research

  • Concept of Fund-raising Project and Governmental Administration Department

    Fund-raising Project refers to a project, which raises funds through IPO or refinancing. Fund-raising feasibility research must be analyzed and verified from many aspects, like technical, economic, financial, commercial, or even environmental and legal aspects, etc., f thus to make sure whether the project is feasible or not, as well as providing scientific evidences for proper investment decisions. Project Feasibility Research is a process of conducting continuously analysis, evaluation, and decision-making on kinds of factors and target systems. It definitely needs the help of professional talents with all aspects of knowledge. It's very necessary to think fully over of matching conditions between fund-raising requirements, market prospect, product technology contents, impacts on the environment by CSRC and actual management capability, marketing capability, etc.

    The key to get approval by the NDRC is the feasibility planning and design of the fund-raising from a cooperated professional consultancy organization.

    Significance of Fund-raising Feasibility Research

    The necessity, feasibility and rationality of designing a fund-raising project are significant basis when CSRC makes judgment for approving the project.

    CSRC mainly focus on the situation that corporation could have a bright prospect and grow rapidly because of smoothly successful operation of a fund-raising project.

    A fund-raising project should combine with actual operation of corporation, design properly, and match with other external recourse and actual competitiveness.

    There needs to consider complex external market factors while designing a fund-raising project since it relates to corporation's major interests.

    When design a fund-raising project, there needs to combine it with corporation future development goals, which should be considered by the top managers of the corporation.

    Too many cases failed to be listed on account of fund-raising projects. They are: Qixiang Qingchen Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd.; TJ Innova Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

  • Mapping Relationship Between CSRC Requirements and Segmentation Market Research

  • Master Plan and Design Methods

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Fund-raising Investment Core Contents (NEARBY Principles)

    Budget Estimate of Total Investment &Capital Distribution Planning of Fund-raising Investment Project

  • Framework of Fund-raising Investment Feasibility Research

  • Chapter 1: General Survey

    Chapter 2: Related Background and Necessity of Fund-raising Project

    Chapter 3: Market Forecast and Construction Scale

    Chapter 4: Analysis of Technical Process Taken by Fund-raising Investment Project

    Chapter 5: Construction Plan of Fund-raising Investment Project

    Chapter 6: Energy Saving

    Chapter 7: Environmental Protection Measures and Related Approval Affairs, Fire, Energy Saving and Occupational Health and Safety

    Chapter 8: Personnel Arrangement and Training of Organizations and Institutions

    Chapter 9: Fund-raising Estimate and Application Plans

    Chapter 10: Construction Period and Progress Plan of Fund-raising Investment Project

    Chapter 11: Corporation Management Capability Analysis

    Chapter 12: Fund-raising Investment Project Developmental Goals in the Next Five Years

    Chapter 13: Benefit Comparison Analysis of Fund-raising Investment Project

    Chapter 14: Risk Analysis and Control Measures of Fund-raising Investment Construction Project

  • Significance of Fund-raising Investment Feasibility Research on Listing Corporations

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