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Investment and Financing Services

1. Why bring in investment institutions?

Generally speaking, corporations proceed financing to develop themselves and maintain the capital operation, for the final purpose of obtaining economic profits and maximizing the shareholders' value. Businesses after financing are usually as follows: maintaining the capital need for regular production activity and operation business; acquiring new equipment, expanding scale, tintroducing new technologies and developing new products; outbound investment, business merger and acquisition; debt paying and adjusting capital structure to improve efficient use of funds and to control accounting risks, etc.

There is no denying that small-medium corporations have little financing needed knowledge in accounting, finance, legal information, evaluation or practical experience. So it’s very necessary for them to receive services from intermediary institutions, which will provide all-round tracking and counseling services on the basis of comprehending corporations’ overall conditions.

2. How Does Qianzhan Provide You Financing Services

  • Conduct In-depth due diligence and business planning
  • Design Financing way (gross of financing, deadline, rate of interest, guarantees to lower financing difficulties)
  • Assist customer to standardize managing measures of corporations (strategies, accounting, controlling, organizational structure, incentive system, information system, decision-making system, etc.)
  • Write down professional business plans
  • Bring in investment institutions and recommend financing business negotiations
  • Promise for providing follow-up services till the realization of successful financing

3. Major Contents of Targeted Corporations Due Diligence

  • Organization
  • Culture
  • Human Resources
  • Product and Service
  • Channel and Customer
  • Marketing Status
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Price Management
  • R&D Strategies
  • Influences
  • Development Prospect
  • Corporation Evaluation
  • Financial Forecast
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