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Financial Public Relations

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  • IPO financial PR mainly refers to providing related financial PR support for corporations during initial public offering process.

    As to Pre-IPO, "Qianzhan Financial PR" will refine the most core investment value for customers, and formulate the investor relations strategy in the listing process. What's more, assist corporations to promote listing images via proceeding road show and making media promotion materials. "Qianzhan Financial PR" is capable of rendering thoughtful one-stop service, since it relies on powerful research capability and promptly and fully operating capability.

  • Competitive Advantages

  • 10-year Brand Advantage

    Established in 1998 in the Tsinghua Garden of Beijing, Qianzhan Business Information Co., Ltd. is one of few corporations who possesses an IPO consultancy firm with "self-building database system", "complete and perfect industry segmentation research system", "powerful governmental media channel" and "systematically multithreading parallel operational capability”. Besides, our industry segmentation cover almost the whole industries.

    Relying on powerful research capability, and great cooperation with many trade dealers "Qianzhan Investor Relations Center" guarantees better presenting investment values in the investment relations services for corporations which are about to list. It lays a solid foundation for them to enter capital market.

    Deep and Harmonious Relationships with Media

    "Qianzhan Financial PR" has established a close cooperation relationship with a variety of media in the long-term. It has ever assisted clients to solve numerous crisis events, turning dangers to safety, which win its social praises. "Qianzhan Financial PR" is expert in remedying crisis events, as well as establishing a crisis prevention, monitoring and evaluation system to take preventive measures.

    "Qianzhan Investor Relations Center" not only has comprehensive cooperations with many big financial media, but also has the sole agency of many media program in Shenzhen, such as Shenzhen Financial Channel, STCN, etc. In addition, we have exclusive interview right to Shenzhen Stock Exchange on issuing new stocks, and we're quite good at communicating with media.

    One-Stop Activities Management

    "Qianzhan Investor Relations Center" covers many executive agencies across China, such as in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. It provides considerate services to customer with the help of comprehensive and all-sided executive capability.

    Elite Team

    In "Qianzhan investors relation center", executives and business elites are all from top investment banks or securities institutions home and abroad, so they have deep understanding of domestic and international securities markets as well as rich experience in business operations. The core staff of Qianzhan all acquired bachelor degree or above from key universities in the nationwide, and they all passed CSRS Licensing Examination for Securities Intermediaries, then there is no doubt that they gained professional research capability. In short, professional research capability and document writing capability are the distinctive advantages of Qianzhan.

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