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Successful Cases & Strength to Witness

Rich Experience in Cooperations with Trade Dealers

Numerous Successful Cases

Since 2008, Qianzhan has become positively to develop IPO consulting business, which makes us get acknowledgement and high value from trade dealers and corporations. For the recent 2 years, we have had very pleasant cooperations with more than 80 well-known intermediary institutions in various industries, which include over 30 securities companies like, Guosen Securities, China Merchants Securities, Ping An Securities; over 10 PE and AV institutions, like Shenzhen Capital Group, Shanghai Dinghui Investment Co.; over 20 law firms, like Jiayuan Law Firm and Deheng Law Offices, and many noted accounting firms, like PwC and ShineWing, etc. Meanwhile, we have made close strategic and cooperative alliances with dozens of financial listing offices in the nationwide. As of Sept., 2010, we have provided IPO consulting services to nearly 100 corporations.

Part of Cooperative Partners

10-year Accumulation of Brand, Experience and Public Praises

Numerous Customer Clusters & Extensive Research Scale

Depending on good public praises and our high quality servicem, our customer base has showed geometric growth level since the establishment of Qianzhan. The quantity of customers extends from the original 43 at the beginning of establishement to 38,000 at the end of 2009 (the quantity throughout the world), which includes 8,000 customers to which we render 8 consecutive years service. Qianzhan owns lots of great experience in segmentation market research and plenty of professional analytical methods. We have the unique and distinctive ability to research and judge the status and development of market segmentation.

Super Data System

Since the establishment, Qianzhan has established with deep strategic relationships many national authoritative information statistics departments, including Bureau of Statistics of China, State Information Center, Development Research Center of the State Council, International Information Research Institute, China Customs; with top academic research centers, including Tsinghua University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics; with every industry associations; as well as with may top intelligence service institutions such as GFK, AC Nielsen, IBM, etc., so as to gain the first-hand basic statistical data. Furthermore, as a result of 10 years keeping track and research, Qianzhan has self-researched and developed wide-ranging data bases with massive information, including macroeconomic data, monthly monitoring data, production and marketing data of subdivision products, import and export data, corporation operating data, etc. The authority of these data has been highly recognized by our clients and governmental organizations.

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