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Corporation Development Strategy and Planning

Brief Introduction of Strategy Planning Service

Corporation development strategy is the common name of various strategies which include competitive strategy, marketing strategy, development strategy, brand strategy, financing strategy, technology development strategy, talent development strategy, and resources strategy etc.

Currently, there is an unprecedented uncertainty for corporation development. A correct corporation development strategy means quite a lot for the business survival. In this case, strategy planning is more and more important.

The strategy planning service provided by Qianzhan is one of the most popular services for the corporate executives. It aims to help the corporation get a long-term stable development. In addition, it analyses the company internal and external environment to provide helpful advices for the company development goals and goals realization.

Main Problems of the Strategy Planning

China is facing a great economic environment change nowadays. At this key moment, Qianzhan found the following main problems in Chinese corporation strategy planning:

  • Lack of direction and long-term strategy in corporation development;
  • Lack of scientific decision-making mechanism in strategy. When facing the economic change, such corporations are likely to being either pessimistic or blind expansion regardless of the actual need.
  • Lack of rigorous scientific analysis in the knowing and analyzing process of the market and competitive environment.
  • Blind hot market pursuit, over-diversified corporate investment and over-scattered resources;
  • Lack of specific practical strategy path and target in corporation strategy planning;

Main Contents of Strategy Planning

  • A comprehensive and objective quantitative analysis for the market and competitive conditions by the way of taking a competitive analysis model;
  • Detail research of the competitors to analyze their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses to determine the core competitiveness of corporations;
  • Benchmark and critical success factors analysis of the outstanding industry corporations;
  • Analyze the cost competitive advantage by the relative cost position analysis method;
  • Determine the company's business and geographic scope, development direction, entry or exit of some market segments and its specific programs.
  • Make optional development strategies or targets;
  • Use the customer sharing, cost sharing method to analyze the feasibility in a wild range;
  • Determine a diversification and specialization strategy;
  • Develop detailed strategic implementation plans and the supervision and control methods;
  • Reconstructing the business management model according to the new business nature(like introducing IT, operation process reengineering);
  • Develop strategic implementation plans and the supervisory control measures;
  • Configure the appropriate human and financial resources to support the implementation of the strategy plan;
  • Develop the corresponding KPI in order to make sure the effective implementation for the strategy.
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