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Project Feasibility Research

Feasibility research is a key link before investment. It focuses on the overall technical and economical analysis and demonstration for the construction project. The basic content includes market environment research, market forecast and research, technical program research, project economic evaluation and so on. Thereby, the concluding advices will be given, that whether to invest and develop the project or not, how to invest it, to stop or continue one’s investment

Summary of the feasibility analysis report

As a necessary key link before investment, feasibility analysis report is based on the approval of the previous stage project proposal in order to have an overall analysis of project market, technology, finance, engineering, economic and environment. Thus a best solution will be chosen after evaluation and demonstrating all the following factors: market and sales, size and products, factory address, raw material supply, technology, equipment, staff organization, implementation plan, investment and cost, benefits and risks. Thereby, a concluding observations will be given, that whether to invest and develop the project or not, how to invest it, to stop or continue one’s investment.

Main Content of Feasibility Analysis Report

Processes of Feasibility Analysis Report

Basic Framework of Feasibility Analysis Report

Chapter 1: General Introduction

1.1 Project Name and Implement Agency

1.1.1 Project Name

1.1.2 Project Content

1.1.3 Investment Schedule

1.1.4 Implement Agency

1.2 Research Feasibility Conclusion

1.2.1 Total Investment and Source of Funding

1.2.2 Intended Core Technologies and Characteristics of the Project

1.2.3 Intended Chosen Market and Characteristics of the Project

1.2.4 Project Estimated Economic Benefits

1.2.5 Project Target Social Effect

1.2.6 Project Target Risks and Avoiding

Chapter 2: Project Planning and Products

2.1 Project Planning

2.1.1 Project Name

2.1.2 Project Content

2.1.3 Overview of the Raised Fund Application

2.1.4 Arrangement of the Difference between the Real Raised Fund Amount and Investment Project In-need Amount

2.2 Project Products

2.2.1 Necessity

2.2.2 Positioning and Implement Targets

2.2.3 Products and their Functions

2.2.4 Product Application Areas

2.3 Company Profile

2.3.1 Established Background

2.3.2 Company Information

(1) major businesses, industry position, competitive advantages and disadvantages etc.

2.3.3 Company Tenet and Development Strategy

2.3.4 Ownership Structure

Chapter 3: Project Background

3.1 Macro Environment Analysis (PEST)

3.1.1 Analysis of Macro Economic Environment and Related Industries Influence

3.1.2 Industry Management System and Related Policies and Regulations

3.2 Operation Environment Analysis

3.2.1 Industry Development Characteristics

3.2.2 Industry Life Cycle

3.2.3 Industry Technical Level and Characteristics

3.2.4 Industry Operation Model and Characteristics

3.2.5 Advantages and Disadvantages which Influence the Industry Development

3.2.6 Industrial Chain Analysis

Chapter 4: Market Feasibility

4.1 Overview of the Market Development

4.1.1 product market status

4.2 Market Demand Analysis

4.2.1 Influencing Factors of Market Demand

4.2.2 International Market Demand Analysis

4.2.3 Domestic Market Demand Analysis

4.2.4 Market Demand Growth Trend

4.3 Market Capacity Forecast

4.4 Market Supply Analysis

4.4.1 Market Competitors

4.4.2 Market Supply Volume and Market Share Distribution

4.4.3 Market Competitive Development Trend

4.5 Market Competitive Structure Analysis

4.5.1 Five Force model analysis, major barriers of industry entry

4.6 Current Market and Competitiveness Analysis: company current market status, top 10 big customers sales condition, major competitiveness analysis, SWOT analysis, competitive strategy analysis

4.7 Market Prospect of the Project

Chapter 5: Technology Feasibility

5.1 Overview of the Technology Feasibility

5.2 Company Overall Technology Conditions

5.2.1 R&D Strength

5.2.2 R&D System and Research Process

5.2.3 Technology Partners and Cooperation

5.2.4 R&D Innovation System

5.2.5 Core Technology and Technical Level of Major Products

5.3 Product Technical Level

5.3.1 Embodiments of Advanced Technology

5.3.2 Key Technology and Company Solution

5.3.3 Comprehensive Technology Advantages

5.3.4 Localization of the Project Products

5.3.5 Upgrade and Updating of the Project Products

Chapter 6: Feasibility of Project Implement

6.1 Project Overall Implement Program

6.1.1 investment schedule arrangement and production plan, arranged raised fund and so on.

6.2 Project Team Forming

6.3 Project Fixed Facilities

6.4 Raw materials, Production and Testing Program

6.4.1 Major raw materials and its supply condition, major sources and its supply condition, top 10 large suppliers' purchasing condition

6.4.2 Production Flow Chart

6.4.3 ProductionTesting

6.5 Production Capability

6.5.1 Size of the Original Production Line

6.5.2 The Achieved Size after the Capital Investment

6.6 Marketing Management Program

6.6.1 Current Market and Customers

Descriptions classify by sales regions and sales channels

6.6.2 Target Market and Customers(domestic market and international market)

6.6.3 Setting of Sales Channels

6.7 Environmental Protection Program

6.8 Project Social Benefits

6.9 Economic Benefits Analysis

6.9.1 Total Investment Estimation

6.9.2 Production Sales Estimation

6.9.3 Costs Estimation

6.9.4 Related Financial Statement

6.9.5 Financial Analysis

6.10 Risks and Avoiding

6.10.1 Existing Uncertainties of the Project

(1) Operation Risks

(2) Industry and Market Risks

(3) Policy Risks

(4) Other Risks like force majeure or other accidents

6.10.2 Strategies for Different Uncertain Risks

(1) Strategy for Operation Risks

(2) Strategy for Industry and Market Risks

(3) Strategy for Policy Risks

(4) Strategy for other Risks

Chapter 7: Appendix

(Adjust to different projects)

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