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Brand Evaluation and Positioning

Being the symbol for a corporation, region or product, a brand is not only a name or a sign, but also the carrier of consumers' full understanding and evaluation. Nowadays it is one of the most complex areas in the market research. Under such serious product homogenization condition in the current market, corporations are increasingly aware of the importance of brands. Brand research can help us to know our own brand image, our competitors brand positioning and the brand benefits for individual consumers and group users. Thereby, we can define or redefine the brand image and value in order to ensure the sustained development for products or services.

Brand researches in Qianzhan mainly include brand positioning, brand evaluation and brand system study etc.

Here bellow is the steps for brand positioning research:

  • Determine the brand target audience group. In other words, it is to evaluate the market segment in order to determine the target market for a certain brand. Qianzhan sets up its specialized business departments which are in charge of the market segmentation and positioning research in this step.
  • Analyze the brand environments. It includes demand environment, competitive environment and internal resource capability environment.
  • Refine a brand’s core values. Depending on the different product characteristics, we refine the core values by taking the method/methods like restructure or emphasize the product feature orientation, consumer functional demand orientation, consumer psychological demand orientation, competition orientation, and internal resource capacity orientation and so on.
  •  Find out the segmentation concept. According to the value appealing differences between the target audience group and other groups, as well as the value appealing status between the target audience group and other competitive brand, we resolve the brand-core-value-related concepts and form the concept system which can effectively segment the specific brand and competitive brand, target audience group and other groups.
  • Design a brand image and personalization strategy. In other words, the brand core value and the segmentation concept system will be personified in order to guide the shaping and spread of the brand image.

With the overview of intangible and tangible brands, psychological and practical benefits, consumer evaluation and market performance as well as Qianzhan's brand judgment experience over years, Qianzhan creates the specialized brand evaluation index system. The basic framework shows as bellow:

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