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Corporation Credit Investigation Service

  • Corporation Credit Report

  • Service Brief Introduction

    Qianzhan's corporation credit report which bases on the bank insurance industry is one of the most popular credit information products for the finance market. It includes corporation registered information, historical evolution, administrative staffs, financial position, credit record, products and productions, sales, purchasing, importing and exporting, trademark exclusive right, industry background, industry analysis, credit level, benchmark credit and so on. A corporation credit report is widely use to evaluate a target company's credit capability and risk management by banks and lesser of credit insurance and business credit.

    Characteristics of Qianzhan's Corporation Credit Report

    Detailed Information

    It mainly includes company history, background, registered information, financial position, credit records, business status, industry analysis, risk level and suggestions of credit line etc.

    Wide Information Resource

    There are more than 500 information channels in China which include both the official and non-official associations like Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Statistical Bureau, Water Board, trade associations, financial organizations and so on.

    Directed Information Investigation

    Qianzhan's credit investigation and information confirm team together with other investigated nets which are all over the country will have their telephone interview or onsite visit for thousands of companies everyday.

    Quick Information Obtaining

    Our corporation credit reports in our database are available for on line visit or download through Internet everyday. And the specific corporation credit reports will be available for you in 5 days.

  • Corporation Registered Report

  • Qianzhan establishes its close cooperation relationship with many Industrial and Commercial Bureaus in China. And we provide corporation registered reports which contain the target company basic registered information and shareholders' information.

    Detail items the corporation registered report includes are target company name, registered address, registered capital, paid-up capital, legal representatives, business range, operation period, shareholders and stock information. It will be useful for you to confirm the target company's identity, capital capability and shareholders' backgrounds.

    Characteristics of Qianzhan's Corporation Registered Report

    Accurate Information

    All the information of a corporation registered report comes directly from the local Industrial and Commercial Bureau. we insure the accuracy of information.

    Reasonable Price

    The price is very reasonable since its content is far less than that of in a corporation credit report.

    Fast Submittal

    Corporation registered reports in most regions can be submit within 24 hours.

  • Corporation Credit Overview

  • The corporation credit overview report includes the overall financial risk index, contact information, major businesses and contrast and list of various financial indexes. All the data is calculated by the Qianzhan-design model. And such information will help to analyze a company credit status and operation status quickly.

  • Corporation Overview Report

  • With the characteristic of inexpensive price, it includes target companies' contact information, products and services, major financial data and so on. Its main purpose is to evaluate small credit transaction risk, select a target customer or collect some basic information of the major companies in the specific industry.

  • Corporation Certificated Report

  • It provides with target companies' legal name, registered address, registered capital, paid-up capital, legal representatives, business range, operation period, recent annul inspection and business contact person etc. and it will be useful to confirm issues like the target companies' legality and whether the related business contact person is authorized by the target companies.

  • In-depth Credit Report

  • It is based on the standard corporation credit report. What’s difference to the standard report is that it contains a more detailed research and analysis of the target companies' history, background, business activities, financial position and industry condition, etc. Therefore, this report is with a detailed content, long research cycle and relatively expensive price. It aims to evaluate the credit capability of the important customers or partners.

    An in-depth credit report contains a much more detailed and in-depth analysis comparing to the corporation credit report. It will well meet your need of obtaining your customers/partners' development status and potential risks.

    Characteristics of Qianzhan's In-depth Credit Report

    Professional Researches

    Base on the corporation credit report, our experienced credit analysts will have a further interview of the target companies and the related partners (suppliers, customers, banks and so on), with the purpose of getting the overall development status of them. In this aspect, we provide a much more detailed and in-depth analysis.

    In-depth Contents

    There will be an in-depth analysis of all the contents as follows: target companies' history, background, registered materials, financial position, business condition and industry competitive status etc.

    Wide Channels

    We have more than 370 information channels in China which include the official and non-official associations like Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Statistical Bureau, Tax Bureau, court, trade associations, and financial organizations etc.

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