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Database Marketing Service

1. Introduction of Major Services

Depending on comprehensive accurate data resources, professional data processing and research capability, we aim to help a corporation gain its precision marketing and marketing effectiveness maximization.

What services we provide are comprehensive database marketing services which is based on professional corporation-class databases, takes full advantages of the execution capabilities and experience on segmentation industry research over years. Services are as follows:

Data Sorting Services

Improve the effectiveness of the data quality by checking and verifying every aspect of the data to.

Sales Opportunities Excavation

It will help you to obtain a potential customer list and improve the sales performance. A more effective sales strategy will be made by knowing all the factors like customers' specific needs for products or services, quantity they take, current purchasing price and budget, time to purchase and purchasing channel. Such strategy will contribute to the successful sales, sales cost reduction and effective marketing campaign.

Customer Data Management and Excavation

We take the Qianzhan's professional database as standards to conduct regular audits of customer operational data, regular data quality management and customer resources analysis. Then we find out the customers' behavior characteristics. Accordingly, customer in-depth analysis and accurate marketing strategy are made.

2. Introduction of Major Service Modules

1) Business Directory Service

a. Service Introduction

Qianzhan's marketing database includes a basic corporation database and the database of leading corporations in the popular industry. And the business directory is based on such databases. Meanwhile, the direct marketing products involved in the business directory are chosen by the analysis of industry, region, economic type, employees, sales income, the number of computer ownership and major products etc. Thus, the business directory will help you to find your target companies in a fast and accurate comprehensive way directly.

  • Sales director (manager), market director (manager), sales representative: provide you a customer list and help you to operate marketing activities quickly and smoothly. In one word, your marketing activities will be more effective with their help.
  • Marketing consultant, market research manager, management consultant: provide you a corporation list. All the corporations in the list will meet your research demand and help you to construct a more scientific and comprehensive sampling frame and access list. In this way, customers will be in favor of your more scientific investment.
  • Investment manager: help you to sort out a corporation list with investment value. Therefore, your investment will be more quickly and effective.
  • Purchasing manager: help you to sort out a corporation list which may provide you the services you need. Thus your business will speed up and become effective.
  • IT manager: help you to understand the corporations IT demands in order to get the sales entry point and occupy the market quickly.

b. Main Contents

The business directory screens in accordance with the industry that the corporation belongs to (classify by national economic industries, that is GB/T 4754-2002), region (the mini unit can be block), economic type (classify by the industry and commerce administrative authorities registered business types), company size (the government statistic department will bases on the previous statistical yearbook to renew the company size every year) and major products etc.

The business directory also contains the following information: company name, company address, post code, located province and city, telephone number, tax number, legal representatives, date of establishments, major products, industry, business income, employees and company size etc.

c. Major Characteristics

  • Base on the Qianzhan’s previous business directory database which contains more than 8,000,000 corporations. Every single data has been check by phone call and we guarantee 100% precision.
  • Good interactivity to strengthen business insight; target customer hunting; communication and cooperation strengthen; industry information obtaining.
  • Low cost to construct your own database which can be recycled. It will also help to operate your sales in a wide range directly and effectively.

2)Data Sorting Service

a. Service Introduction

Data sorting mainly focuses on checking and confirming data characteristics like data correctness, accuracy, consistency, integrity and its accordance with business rules etc. It cleans and reforms the current database. Meanwhile, it improves the data correctness and effectiveness by taking surveys like phone call survey.

b. Strengthen Areas

For the following items we can help our customers handle in a smooth way.

  • Huge database that customers need to deal with;
  • Frequent updated database that customers need to handle;
  • Upgraded system that customers need to manage;
  • New analysis plan that customer need to conduct;
  • Time and resource to analyze data which customers lack of.

c. Service Contents

For the current data and the professional data, there will be a comparing, analyzing and sorting process before we evaluate the data integrity and accuracy in an effective way. We will complete the missing data and sort out the data which is overdue. For the overdue data, we will have phone call confirmation before we sort them out and analyze them.

  • Data validity: the available data should be the data which can be used to evaluate a certain business. We focus on the issues like the needed but absent date, how to collect such data and how to transform the data into the useful analysis data.
  • Data integrity: after evaluation the integrity of the current data, there will comes out a report about the current data and how to improve its integrity. Then we will design and operate a data sorting solution special for you.
  • Data accuracy: by the contrast between the available data and data updated time as well as professional data detail, we evaluate the data accuracy. For the less accurate data there will be a phone call confirmation.

d. Service Advantages

  • Help corporations deal with the mass application data. The more high quality of the data, the more accurate market decision that corporations will make;
  • Check the data by scientific sampling evaluation. Therefore to make sure data we get is real, accurate and effective;
  • A more effective decision due to a better database;
  • Get the valuable data in a faster and better way;
  • In Qianzhan, there are strong executive force, professional call center team, years of access experience and fast data processing. It provides strong supports for the data sorting.
  • The mass amount of data resources from Qianzhan's data marketing over years become the most powerful supplement third-party data for Qianzhan's customers.

e. Major Process of Data Sorting

3) Sales Opportunities Excavation

a. Service Introduction

Seeking more effective and potential customers is important for corporations' survival. At present the market information is everywhere, but it seldom meets the need of effective sales. It results in the condition that customers cannot find their suitable products or services while suppliers fail to reach to their customers. And both of them loss many opportunities.

Knowing the potential customer list is not enough. Only by knowing all the factors like customers' specific needs for products or services, quantity they take, current purchasing price and budget, time to purchase, can a corporation make a more effective sales strategy which increase the successful sales rate and lower the sales cost.

In spite of this, it is difficult to reach to the purchaser who is in charge of the project purchase in a company. However, without reaching the purchaser the sales will be difficult to continue. How can we find the "key man" directly?

Qianzhan's sales opportunities excavation which bases on the telemarketing will help you to obtain the practical sales information and take a key Qianzhan in the sales area.

b. Strengthen Areas

Financial insurance and other service industries, product manufacturing industry, IT communication industry, logistics and express industry, public service industry, the BTB marketing related industry, advertising public relations industry and so on.

c. Service Contents

  • Quick check the target customer list through the marketing database, and operate the sales opportunities excavation by various direct marketing like meeting/EDM/DM/text message and so on;
  • Operate the marketing tracking service by good communication. To overcome the non-physical communication weakness by pre-sales consulting service. In this way to insure the high quality service.
  • Convey the corporation brand and product information by the one-to-one interaction model, and insure customers can promptly get the latest services and products as well as more optional opportunities. Hence to ensure the corporation image with a professional service.
  • Monitor and analyze the conversation as well as sum up the conversation data.

d. Content Details

Sales opportunities excavation in Qianzhan includes potential customers' names, contact, economic nature, legal representatives, decision making person, establishment date, employees, income, import and export rights and features of customers' specific needs for products or services, quantity they take, current purchasing price and budget, time to purchase.

e. Service Advantages

Sales opportunities excavation service in Qianzhan will provide you with the in need products and service information. Besides we can also provide some more requirements you design. Meanwhile we provide "key man" information to make sure your on going sales activities go smoothly.

The biggest characteristic of our service is convenience, which means you can use the information you buy here directly. Thus help you to reduce the marketing cost, perfect company image, expand new marketing channels and improve sales performance greatly.

4). Customer Data Management and Excavation

a. Service Introduction

With the rapidly development of IT and the prevalence of customer-comes-first idea, corporations require for more and more specific/detailed and in-depth customer data management, so database marketing becomes increasingly popular. The core of the database marketing is customer database. However, without a effective customer database management, the mass data will be a disaster for a corporation, whose mass data sources from various channels with different standards and quality.Base on the professional corporations database resources, the self-developed corporations data management system, large-scale CATI and years of customer service experience, Qianzhan will provide customers with a high-quality database.

b. Strengthen Areas

Financial insurance and other service industries, product manufacturing industry, IT communication industry, logistics and express industry, public service industry, the BTB marketing related industry, advertising public relations industry and so on.

c. Service Content

Mass data matching and de-emphasis, data audit, data standardization, data supplement and updated, data quality evaluation and maintenance, multidimensional data statistics and analysis etc.

d. Service Advantages

  • Professional data resources
  • Strong executive capability
  • Rich project experience
  • Rich data accumulation
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