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Xi Jinping: China Actively Promote Energy Production and Consumption Revolution

From: Qianzhan Business Information Time: 2014-06-14 10:19:34
Summary: Xi Jinping made 5 requirements on promoting energy production and consumption revolution.

Energy Conservation

According to "China Energy Conservation Service Industry Report," Xi Jinping made 5 requirements on promoting energy production and consumption revolution. First, to promote energy consumer revolution, curb irrational energy consumption. Firm control the total energy consumption, the effective implementation of energy policy priorities, led the energy conservation on whole process of economic and social development in various fields, adjust the industrial structure, attaches a great importance to energy saving in urbanization, thrift a thrift consumer attitudes, accelerate the formation of energy conservation society .

Second, to promote energy supply revolution, establish multi-supply system. Based on domestic diversified supply safety, and vigorously promote clean and efficient use of coal, and develop non-coal energy, form coal, oil, gas, nuclear, new energy, renewable energy and more energy supply-wheel drive system, enhance energy transmission and distribution networks and synchronization reserve facilities.

Third, to promote energy technology revolution, promote industrial upgrading. Based on China's national conditions, follow the new trends of international energy technology revolution, direction of green low-carbon, classification promote technological innovation, industrial innovation, business model innovation, and tightly integrated with high technology of other areas, energy technology and related industries to grow into drive new growth point of China's industrial upgrading.

Fourth, promote energy system revolution and open the fast lane of energy development. Unswervingly push forward reform, restore energy product attributes, build an effective competitive market structure and market system, form the mechanism mainly determined by the market price of energy, change the government’s energy regulation, establish legal system of energy.

Fifth, strengthen the international cooperation, to achieve energy security under open conditions. Major foothold in the domestic preconditions, strengthen international cooperation on all aspects of energy production and consumption revolution, effective use international resources.

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