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Government Project Industrial Planning Subject Service Procedure

Government Project Industrial Planning Subject Service Procedure

  • Customers project commission acceptance
  • Project working team formation
  • Prior investigation
  • Authoritative expert interviews
  • Data collection and collating
  • Relevant data collation
  • Project research plan formulation
  • The signing of the contract or agreement
  • Formal investigation involvement
  • Program analysis
  • optimization and selection
  • Formulation of government project industrial investment planning report
  • Project submittal for the customers(project closure)

Framework of Government Project Industrial Planning Subject Report

1. Industry Formulation Background and basis

  (1) Formulation Background

  (2) Planning Basis

2. Development Overview of Project Industry

  (1) Industry Definition

  (2) Resources Overview

  (3) Major Products

  (4) Application Areas

  (5) Industry Characteristics

3. Industry Policies

  (1) Analysis of National Industry Policy

  (2) Analysis of National Relevant Policy

4. Analysis of Project Industrial International Development Status

  (1) Overview of Industry Development

  (2) Analysis of Market Size

  (3) Analysis of Competitive Landscape

  (4) Analysis of Major Corporations

  (5) Industry Development Trend

  (6) Benchmark References of International Industry

5. Analysis of Domestic Project Industry Development Status

  (1) Analysis of Market Size

  (2) Market Competitive Landscape

  (3) Analysis of Industry Structure

  (4) Investment Structure of Foreign-funded Corporation in China

  (5) Analysis of Major Leading Corporations

  (6) Analysis of Industry Import-export Condition

    a. Import

    b. Export

  (7) Technology Development Level

    a. Technology Development History

    b. Technology Development Status

    c. Technology Development Gap

  (8) Industry Development Forecast

6. Analysis of Local Project Industry Development

  (1) Regional Economic Development Status

  (2) Overview of Regional Project Industry Development

    a. Industry Development Status

    b. Industrial Distripark Development Status in a Industry

    c. Analysis of Industrial Cluster

    d. Analysis of Major Corporations

  (3) Overview of Local Project Industry Environment for Development

    a. Economic Location Environment

    b. Transportation and Logistics Environment

    c. Policies and Regulations Environment

    d. Industrial Development Environment

    e. Science and Technology Investment Environment

    f. Human Resources Environment

  (4) SWOT Analysis of Local Project Industry Development

    a. Internal Strength--S (strength)

    b. Internal Weakness--W(weakness)

    c. External Opportunities--O(opportunities)

    d. External Threat--T(threat)

7. Guiding Principles and Development Strategy of Local Project Industry Development

  (1) Guiding Principles

  (2) Fundamental Principles

  (3) Strategy Positioning

  (4) Development Ideas

  (5) Development Goals

8. Focuses on Local Project Industry Development

  (1) Leading Corporations and Major Projects

    a. Leading Corporations

    b. Major Projects

  (2) Technology Innovation and Product Reconstruction

    a. Major Development Products

    b. Major Application Areas

  (3) Public Service Platform Construction

    a. State Inspection Center

    b. Logistic Center

    c. R&D Center

    d. Information Center

    e. Training Center

9. Suggestions to the Local Project Industry Development

  (1) Strength the Organization and Management

    a. Organization and Leading

    b. Industry Management

  (2) Rational Resources Allocation

  (3) Strengthen Policy Supports

  (4) Perfect Supporting Measures

  (5) Implement the Environmental Measures

  (6) Perfect the Incentive

  (7) Strengthen Investment Invitation

(there will be some adjustment according to the different characteristics of the actual project industry)

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