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China Smartphone Industry Development Prospects and Investment Strategy Planning Report, 2013-2017

China Smartphone Industry Development Prospects and Investment Strategy Planning Report, 2013-2017

Last Update:2014-06-06

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In 2010, the global smartphone industry develops rapidly. In 2010, the shipment of world’s smartphone reached 293 million. Comparing with the 174 million smartphones in 2009, it increased by 67.49%. At the same time, China smartphone industry gains a blowout development in 2010. In this year, the sales volume of China smartphone exceeded 30 million, with an increase of 39.86% over the year of 2009. With the fast popularization of mobile internet, the application functions, such as business function and entertainment function are more and more recognized by customers. It’s predicted the domestic smartphone industry will develop steadily in the next 3 years. Driven by the continuing and high-speed growth, the sales size of China smartphone is anticipated to exceed more than 80 million in 2013.

Nokia has occupied China smartphone market’s dominant position depending on the Symbian system for a long time, while with the successively entries of iphone and BlackBerry into China’s market, and with the exit of Samsung and Sony Ericsson from Symbian camp, the user’s attention trend of Symbian system begins to decline. It seems that Nokia products are slightly old-fashion, and its future is worrying. In 2010, the Android operating system grows up and develops rapidly. MOTO has achieved a strong return depending on Android, and the HTC, which is committed to Android operating system, enters the mainland China in high-key way, and grasps the market shares.

Throughout the current domestic cell phone market, the operators have more and more powerful influence. On one hand, the operators bring in iphone, Strawberry or other popular cell phones, so as to promote their brand images, and then drive the development of 3G business; on the other hand, the operators are grasping the smartphone market, with the average price of thousands of RMB in succession, to accelerate the smartphone popularization speed, meanwhile, to maximize their own sphere of influence. In order to respond to the challenges of 3G smartphone age, domestic operators successively issue accordingly smartphone products. What’s more, a part of enterprises, depending on open-source platforms, regarding international well-known brands as competitors, introduce a mobile internet strategy. A smartphone war, leading by operators and participating by cell phone enterprises begins.

Driven by 3G large-scale network and the upgrading of consumption, China smartphone market grows very well, and the sales volume of smartphone still maintains at a high growth rate. It’s predicted with the price adjustment of operators and the enlarging smartphone scale of middle and low-end markets, all levels of smartphones have being launched. The deepening development of every market segment and huge user base will accelerate the phone replacement effect; at the same time, with the successive implementation of smartphone approval system, and the upgrading of 3G network in domestic, it’s predicted China smartphone market will enter a new round of rapid development period.

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