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China Periodical Publishing Industry Report 2014-2018, All Media Transformation and Investment Strategic Planning

China Periodical Publishing Industry Report 2014-2018, All Media Transformation and Investment Strategic Planning

Last Update:2015-10-10

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In recent years, China's periodical industry has made great progress. The market is expanding and economic efficiency improves significantly, which becomes a force to be reckoned with in the economic growth of China's media. In 2011, China's total output value periodical industry was 22.17 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6% over the previous year, much higher than last year's growth rate of 2%. The advertising revenue of the whole year was about 3.51 billion yuan, an increase of 14 percent over the previous year; issue revenue was 18.66 billion yuan, an increase of 10 percent over the previous year. The retail distribution market of journal showed the development trend of turning to the advantageous media. Brand journals are particularly prominent.

In the "Development planning of news publishing industry during the twelfth-five-year period", building a power of news publishing has become an important strategic goal of China's entire news publishing industry. "Plan" clearly stated: during the twelfth-five-year period, total printed periodical publications will reach 4.22 billion and to achieve 3.1 journals per capita annually; to vigorously promote content creation, with emphasis on major national publishing projects, focusing on quality engineering and other academic journals. As an important piece of news publishing industry, periodical industry is still in an important period of opportunity during the twelfth-five-year period.

With the rapid development of Internet, telecommunications, cable, 3G, 4G technology, new media is constantly devouring inherent market of traditional media. Digitization has become an inevitable development trend of periodical industry. Compared with traditional publishing, digital publishing has become the direction of the transformation and upgrading of traditional publishing. Although the current force is relatively weak, its development is very fast, Currently, some of the traditional periodical publishing industry enter the field of digital publishing by cooperation with technology providers, or self-development, or join bases. For more publishers, how to conduct periodical industry's digital transformation and how to operate all media become the most important issue.

This report mainly analyzes the current development trend of periodical industry, development opportunities brought by all media era for periodical industry, as well as the future business model trend of periodical enterprises and coping strategies in the context of the current restructuring of the industry. The specific content of the report includes: development environment of China's periodical industry; innovation cases and experience of foreign periodical industry; status quo of operation of China's traditional periodical industry and business models; background of China's periodical digitization and transformation strategy; development of subdivided markets of China's periodical industry; analysis of regional market opportunity of China's periodical industry; development trends of China's periodical industry and forecast; analysis of investment opportunities of China's periodical industry, operation of China's leading periodical enterprises.

This report will help periodical publishing units, periodical technology platform vendors, device manufacturers and investment institutions accurately understand the latest developments of the industry and early detect blank points of industry market, opportunities, growth and profitability points ...... it will help prospectively grasp unmet market needs and trends of the industry and become a good advantage for sustainable development, effectively avoid the investment risks from the industry, more efficiently consolidate or expand appropriate strategic target markets, and firmly grasp the initiative authority in market competition.

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