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China Sewage Treatment Industry Indepth Research and Investment Strategy Report, 2013-2017

China Sewage Treatment Industry Indepth Research and Investment Strategy Report, 2013-2017

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It is an undisputable fact that human being is facing water crisis nowadays. Current these years, China enhances the investment to urban infrastructure construction and environmental protection. It strengthens the comprehensive treatment of environment and efficiently controls the total pollutant discharge. The environmental quality in some regions and cities are improved. Yet, according to statistical analysis of environmental monitoring results, water pollution in China is still very severe that the total pollutant discharge is in large number and the degree of pollution is still at a pretty high level.

The total sewage discharge in China is 6.1 million tons with a year-on-year growth rate of 3.4%. The growth rate slows down since the “eleventh five years”. It decreases from the 8% in the “tenth five years” to about 3% at present.

View from the degree of urbanization, current China’s urbanization has in the accelerating development stage which is internationally acknowledged. The level of China urbanization is about 50% at present while it will be about 58% in 2020. By analyzing the changing mechanism and rules on guarantee extension of municipal water use and construction land, we found that in the past 30 years to improve every 1% urbanization 1.7 billion cubic meters of municipal water use is needed to add. Among which the added domestic water is 0.94 billion cubic meters while the industrial water is 0.76 billion cubic meters. With the accelerating urbanization and growing water consumption as well as water displacement, the demand of sewage treatment is increasing as the utilization of reuse water is an efficient way to relieve the stress of water resources.

The total amount of water resource in China is about 2.81 trillion cubic meters that is about 7% of the global total amount and ranks the sixth in the world. However, as China’s population accounts for 20% of the world’s, the per-capita water resource is only 1/4 of the world’s average level that it ranks the 88th in the world. Therefore, China is one of the countries which with poor water resource per capita. Presently, among the over 600 cities in China, there are more than 400 cities which lack of water while there are 114 cities which seriously lack of water. Even in the Yangtze River Valley which with rich water, there are 59 cities lack of water and 155 county towns which lack of water. The shortage of water in many cities is due to the poor water quality. The growth rate of water shortage city amount is keeps in step with the urbanization process.

The water concept in many developed countries is that to minimize the use of clean water and discharge of sewage, and recycle the water resources. The history of reuse water utilization is longer than China too. Early in the 19 century proposed laws about legal utilization of the reuse water were issued in London, Huston and Paris. With the improvement of sewage reuse technology, the reuse water is widely used in the aspects of industry, agriculture and municipal life. What’s more, as an important water resource, it is widely used in many developing countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. The utilization of reuse water in these countries mainly focuses on agricultural irrigation. Comparing with seawater desalination and trans-valley water diversion, the reuse water with a lower cost and is helpful to improve the ecological environment and realize a virtuous cycle to water ecology. It is a perfect choice to relieve water crisis either from the technological consideration or the economic consideration.

With Forward’s the long-term tracking and collecting market data of sewage treatment industry, we roundly and accurately analyze the structure system for you from the view of mastering the whole industry. This report will base on the macro condition of current sewage treatment industry, production and marketing condition, industry demand trend of auto industry, then detailed analyzes the current market capability, market scale, development speed and competitive landscape of China sewage treatment industry.

This report mainly analyzes the following aspects: production and development of China sewage treatment industry; current market environment and corporations’ competitiveness of sewage treatment industry; market demand features of sewage treatment industry; competitive landscape and trend of sewage treatment industry; development status of sewage treatment market segmentation; leading corporations’ operational condition in sewage treatment market; development trend and prospects forecast of sewage treatment industry. Meanwhile, together with the comprehensive and detailed market data which is accumulated for 5 years, Forward helps you to grasp the market and development trends of sewage treatment industry, so as to win advantages from competition!

Major characteristics of this report are forward-looking and timeliness. Base on the forward-looking analysis of massive research data, we further analyze the development scale and competitive landscape of sewage treatment industry. Along with the industry development route and our practical experience, we analyze and predict the future development prospect of sewage treatment industry. This report is of a high value for enterprises like sewage treatment corporations, R&D institutions, and investment corporations to accurately know the latest industry development trend, and obtain market opportunities and determine an insightful operation strategy and development direction. In the meantime, it is the first heavy weight report to analyze the up/down-stream industry chain and industry leading corporations of sewage treatment industry in an overall and systemic way.

Here, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude to China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, National Statistics Bureau of China, International Information Institute, General Administration of Customs, National Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, National Tsing Hua University Library, Institute of Market Economy of the State Council Development Research Center, and Beijing Qinghua Forward Market Research Center, etc. Thank you so much!

Notice: all the market data, especially the corporation list data in this report is only for business reference. Please don’t take the data for enterprise publicity. Thank you! Or Forward shall not take any responsibility for any consequences!


Qianzhan Business Information Co., Ltd. Industry Research Center
Research Team of Sewage Treatment Industry

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