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Analysis Report of Production & Sale Demand and Investment Forecasting on China Phosphorite Industry, 2013-2017

Analysis Report of Production & Sale Demand and Investment Forecasting on China Phosphorite Industry, 2013-2017

Last Update:2014-05-17

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Globally speaking, the phosphorite resources are mainly distributed in Africa, North America, South America, Asia and Middle East. More than 80% of phosphorite resources are concentrated Morocco, Western Sahara, South Africa, the U.S., China, Jordan, and Russia. At present, China boasts an annual yield of 60-plus million tons of phosphate ore – a figure far higher than that in such countries and regions as the U.S., and Morocco, Western Sahara.

Though China boasts abundant phosphate rock resources reserves, the reserves of high-grade phosphorite is low. The phosphorite resources reserves in China ranks second in the world – second only to Morocco and Western Sahara. At the close of 2007, China boasts 176 tons of identified phosphorite reserves, which is 105 tons of standard minerals through conversion; there is 1.66 billion tons  (1.76 billion tons for standard minerals) of phosphorite resources reserves with a P2O5 content of 30% and above; if the present development mode of “mining rich mineral and ignoring poor minerals” is continued, the phosphorite resources in China will be exhausted in the next 20 years.

Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Hubei are the four Chinese provinces with the richest reserves of phosphorite resources; of which, the annual yield of phosphorite in Hubei province exceeds 20 million tons, making it the top province in terms of yield of phosphorite resources. However, the phosphorite output per factory in Hubei province is only 214,000 tons, which is not only lower than those in Yunnan and Guizhou with 636,700 tons and 544,300 tons, respectively, but also significantly lower than the national average of 318,600 tons. The integration of phosphorite resources in Hubei province and the whole country has become an inevitable trend in the future.

Due to the rarity of phosphorite resources to a certain extent, coupled with wanton mining cases in China – only 15%-30% resources utilization rate for small phosphorite mines while the large mines can reach 60%-80% utilization rate, the major provinces with large phosphorite resources in China have taken measures to control the mining of small phosphorite mines and have realized achievements to a certain degree. For example, the number of phosphorite mines in Hubei has reduced the original 284 to 145. Recently, the 12th Five-year Plan of Chemical and Mineral Products Industry has attached unprecedented importance to the role of phosphorite resources, and required the establishment of the phosphorite resources reserve mechanism in the next five years, and boosted the requirements for market access for phosphorite mining. Meanwhile, the various major provinces for phosphorite production have commenced to proactively introduce integration plans, and the prices of phosphorite have shown an upward trend.

Table 1: Phosphorite Output in China (Unit: ten thousand tons)

Source: Organized by Phosphorite Industry Research Group, FORWARD & Intelligence Co., Ltd.

This report provides a full and accurate analysis system for the overall industry by using the market data by FORWARD & Intelligence though the long-term tracking and collection of phosphorite industry. This report mainly analyzes the markets of upstream and downstream industrial chain of the phosphorite industry; phosphorite industry market; key areas of phosphorite industry; operation state of leading enterprises in the phosphorite industry; investment situation of the phosphorite industry. Meanwhile, it provides an overall and accurate market and development trend of the whole phosphorite industry by means of the overall and detailed first-hand market data for the whole industry in the previous five years, thereby seizing the initiative in the competition!

The major features of this report are the forward-looking and timely aspects. Trough the forward-looking analysis of a wealth of first-hand market survey data, this report has conducted an in-depth and objective analysis of the overall market capacity, market scale, competition pattern, and market demand characteristics of the current phosphorite industry in China. Furthermore, it has offered prudent analysis and forecasting of the development trend of the phosphorite industry according to the development track record of the phosphorite industry and its many years’ practical experience. It’s a rare product for the phosphorite production enterprises, research institutes, sales enterprises, and investment enterprises to gain an accurate insight into the latest developments of the phosphorite industry, seize market opportunities, take correct decisions on operations and under the development trend of enterprises.

We hereby give our acknowledgements to the National Economy Information Center, National Bureau of Statistics, International Information Institute, Research Institute of Ministry of Commerce of China, Library of Tsinghua University, as well as the Market Economy Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council, and Beijing Jinghua FORWARD Market Research Center etc. which have been grant generous support to the formulation process of this report!

Special instructions: A wealth of market data used in this report, especially those of enterprise ranking, is for reference only for the enterprise operations and we hope customers will not use these for the comparisons of advertising ranking for enterprises. Otherwise, Qianzhan Busniness Information will not assume any responsibility for all consequences arising as a result of this!


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