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China and Global DNA(Gene) Sequencing Industry Business Mode and Investment Report, 2013-2017

China and Global DNA(Gene) Sequencing Industry Business Mode and Investment Report, 2013-2017

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The human genome project, gene chip, personalized molecular diagnostics, biological cloud computing and so on, which are all hot words that attract the global attention in the 21st century, and all of those are quite related to DNA sequencing. Biotechnology and information technology are well mixed with each other in this creative area. There is a saying that can well describe the DNA sequencing industry possessing these two important technologies. That is – they are too important to be abandoned.

As to the industry insiders, it seems DNA sequencing were nobleman, which cracks the genetic code (namely, base sequence) and will combine genomics with IT technology, for generating an emerging industry – bioinformatics. The gene technology, represented by bioinformatics, will subvert the traditional biology technology and lead the future development trend of life science. The genome project, represented by bioinformatics, has played an important role in many hot fields, such as medical health care field, environmental protection field, new energy field, new materials field, modern agriculture field, etc.

As to the industry outsiders, DNA sequencing is a quite high technology, known as the typical case of “a new technology leads to the formation of a new industry”. In the short time, it becomes a favor for international or domestic VC and PE. It develops too fast to describe its development blueprint in the next 10 years. Facing the rapid changing of DNA sequencing technology, it seems that all forecasts are conservative.

High-tech field is such a birthplace of legend. Only during several years, DNA sequencing has popularized from a towering advanced technology to a conventional life science technology. The lowering speed of DNA sequencing is as fast as the strengthening speed of computer chip computing power – A microorganism whole genome DNA sequencing, in the past, needed 3-5 million Yuan, while now, it costs only 300,000-500.000 Yuan. The development of DNA sequencing not only shows in the lowering of costs, but also reflects in the high working efficiency caused by high throughput sequencing, which paves the way for the industrialization of DNA sequencing.

With the wave of the commercialization of DNA sequencing, China’s “Twelfth Five-year” Plan for the Development of Biology Industry released the completion of genome sequencing for 10,000 kinds of microorganism and 100 kinds of plant and animal genetics, found about 500 new functional genes, and transformed more than 5 genes or albumens which with the high economic value. According to sequencing cost of “genome completion chart”, 300,000-500,000 Yuan for each kind of microorganism, the market capacity of DNA sequencing will reach hundreds of billion Yuan, which just a small angle of the iceberg of DNA sequencing commercial application market.

There is no doubt that, with the promotion of DNA sequencing technology, a commercial revolution will be burst out in the gene field. You will gain some information what kinds of impact will be on the development of pharmacy, the means of medical treatment, and human society. You will see how the DNA sequencing products and services change this world.

You will see the prospects of Roche, Illumina, Genomics Company, Applied Biosystems, Helicos and other leading enterprises in DNA sequencing field. You may also see the gene trends of Pfize, J&J, Lilly, Glaxosmithkline, Sanofi, Novartis, Roche and other multinational pharmaceutical enterprises. In the soon coming DNA wave, where should you gain industry intelligence and information, in case of not missing any important information? This report will provide a comprehensive and timely information platform for you. The report contains the genomics technology, and mainly focuses on the R&D of pharmacy. This report will help you evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, trends and profitability opportunities of DNA sequencing industry. You will see the advancement of these technologies and many business opportunities which are brought by these technologies. What the goals of the report are helping to save the investors’ time and providing the useful aid by researching, analyzing and discussing.

An American statistics shows, among all the successful innovative enterprises, 60% contribution comes from the innovation of business mode. What the economic value brought by technologic innovation is just potential, and it can’t finally be presented and play a role until it’s commercialized in some ways, but it will take a long time. The business mode innovation is more important than the technological innovation, and the actual meaning of business mode innovation and successful possibility are more prominent. Only the high technology combining with the dynamics of business mode can create the core competitiveness for scientific enterprises. This report dissects the business modes of DNA sequencing industry in all aspects, analyzes the key factors to DNA sequencing industry and provides a whole set of development strategy for DNA sequencing enterprises from every perspective.

China DNA Sequencing Industry Development Prospects and Investment Forecast Report, 2011-1015 helps you to analyze the market prospects and trends, the opportunities, and the challenges of the DNA sequencing industry. This report provides you with the contents as follow, to help you learn about this industry and the potential.

You will see the size forecast of global DNA sequencing market in 2015 and the major constitutors of the industry

You will see the development forecast of the global DNA sequencing market in 2015, including the markets of US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, India and China.

You will see the global DNA sequencing service providers in 2015, as well as their competitive situation and market potential.

You will see general study of genomics, and the important roles of DNA sequencing technology have been played in biological pharmaceutical and medical healthcare fields.

You will see the development history of DNA sequencing technology, including the latest 4th generation DNA sequencing platform.

You will see the trends of genome pharmaceutical industry, as well as the huge important role of DNA sequencing service provide has been played in connecting academic circle, genome pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises and sequencing market.

You will see the opportunities, promotion force and restrict force of global DNA sequencing market from 2011 to 2015.

You will see the latest business modes which rush in the global DNA sequencing industry, as well as the typical successful cases of DNA sequencing enterprises adopting the advanced development modes.

You will see the development opportunities and challenges analysis of DNA sequencing enterprises from 2011 to 2015, as well as the suggestions for new participants who will enter the DNA sequencing market.

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