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  • China ATM industry <em>Report</em> (2015-2020), <em>Market</em> Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning

    China ATM industry Report (2015-2020), Market Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning

    The key to success is that the enterprise can firmly lock and capture it when the demand has not yet been formed. Successful companies will often devote a lifetime of effort and resources to search for the current industry demands, potential demands and new demands! While competition in ATM industry is growing, integration and acquisition and capital operation of lar...

  • China Pharmaceutical Industry Monthly <em>Market</em> Monitoring <em>Report</em>

    China Pharmaceutical Industry Monthly Market Monitoring Report

    In 2012, the State will further enlarge the investment in medical health services, so the pharmaceutical market size is expected to enlarge. The improvement of basic pharmaceutical system, the continuously deepening of new healthcare reform and the implementation of every plans in the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan on Pharmaceutical Industry in succession, as w...

  • China Coatings Industry Monthly <em>Market</em> Monitoring <em>Report</em>

    China Coatings Industry Monthly Market Monitoring Report

    In recent years, China coatings industry achieved annual growth of above 10%, which benefits from the driving demand of industrial use and civil use. It’s predicted coatings output is expected to reach 22 million tons by 2015. According to the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan on Coatings Industry, the output will grow as well as the great changes will take ...

  • China Vanadium Redox Battery Industry Research <em>Report</em>, <em>Market</em> Demand and Investment Feasibility

    China Vanadium Redox Battery Industry Research Report, Market Demand and Investment Feasibility

    "Research Report of Market Demand and Investment Feasibility of China’s Vanadium Redox Battery Industry" is a special research report exclusively and first written by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute for consulting services about investment feasibility study of the industry. The report is divided into: industry universal edition, personalized cust...

  • China <em>Unconventional</em> <em>Oil</em> and Gas Industry Development Prospects and Investment Strategy Planning <em>Report</em>, 2013-2017

    China Unconventional Oil and Gas Industry Development Prospects and Investment Strategy Planning Report, 2013-2017

    Unconventional oil and gas mainly includes coalbed methane, shale gas, tight gas, oil shale, oil sands, methane clathrate, and so on. At present, the production output of domestic conventional oil and gas fields reaches its peak time. In the future, it mainly focuses on keeping the steady production output. Unconventional oil and gas resource is a kind of important a...

  • China <em>Oil</em> Industry <em>Report</em>, <em>Market</em> Research and Investment Forecast

    China Oil Industry Report, Market Research and Investment Forecast

    As of the end of 2010, China's crude oil processing capacity soared to 508 million tons from 276 million tons in 2000, accounting for 11.50% of the global capacity, ranking second in the world. With China’s growing crude oil processing capacity, output of oil is increasing. In 2010, China's cumulative output reached 253 million tons of refined oil, an increase ...

  • China Cosmetics Industry Monthly <em>Market</em> Monitoring Analysis <em>Report</em>

    China Cosmetics Industry Monthly Market Monitoring Analysis Report

    Recently, Biotherm, one of brand in China’s high-end cosmetics L’Oreal, has first entered in the third-tier cities, which opened in the International Trading Building, Yichang. At present, most high-end cosmetics products have become saturated, thus many of them extend their sales to the third and fourth-tiers cities, including Biotherm brand. From the de...

  • China Catering Industry <em>Market</em> Monitoring Monthly <em>Report</em>

    China Catering Industry Market Monitoring Monthly Report

    In April 2012, the total level of China’s CPI increased by 3.4%, among which the urban CPI increased by 3.4% and the rural CPI increased by 3.3%; the food price grew by 7.0%, and non-food price grew by 1.7%; the consumer goods price grew by 4.1% and the services program price grew by 1.7%. From January to April, the total level of national CPI increased by 3.7%...

  • China Lubricating <em>Oil</em> Industry <em>Report</em> (2014-2018), <em>Market</em> Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning

    China Lubricating Oil Industry Report (2014-2018), Market Demand Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning

    In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's construction machinery, electric power, automobile, metallurgy, steel, mold, machine tool industry and the upgrade of equipment and technology, China's demand for lubricating oil continues to grow. China has become the world's second largest lubricating oil market. While China's demand for lubricating oil increases ye...

  • China <em>Oil</em> and Gas Exploitation Industry <em>Market</em> Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning <em>Report</em>, 2013-2017

    China Oil and Gas Exploitation Industry Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Planning Report, 2013-2017

    Oil and gas industry is a pillar industry in the national economy. The exploration and exploitation of oil and gas is closely related to the development of national economy, the national security as well as people’s daily life. With the support of national policies, China oil and gas industry rises up quickly. The total output of crude oil extended from 120,000...

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