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  • China ATM industry <em>Report</em> (2015-2020), <em>Market</em> Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning

    China ATM industry Report (2015-2020), Market Forecast and Investment Strategic Planning

    The key to success is that the enterprise can firmly lock and capture it when the demand has not yet been formed. Successful companies will often devote a lifetime of effort and resources to search for the current industry demands, potential demands and new demands! While competition in ATM industry is growing, integration and acquisition and capital operation of lar...

  • China Pharmaceutical Industry Monthly <em>Market</em> Monitoring <em>Report</em>

    China Pharmaceutical Industry Monthly Market Monitoring Report

    In 2012, the State will further enlarge the investment in medical health services, so the pharmaceutical market size is expected to enlarge. The improvement of basic pharmaceutical system, the continuously deepening of new healthcare reform and the implementation of every plans in the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan on Pharmaceutical Industry in succession, as w...

  • China Coatings Industry Monthly <em>Market</em> Monitoring <em>Report</em>

    China Coatings Industry Monthly Market Monitoring Report

    In recent years, China coatings industry achieved annual growth of above 10%, which benefits from the driving demand of industrial use and civil use. It’s predicted coatings output is expected to reach 22 million tons by 2015. According to the “Twelfth Five-year” Plan on Coatings Industry, the output will grow as well as the great changes will take ...

  • China Vanadium Redox Battery Industry Research <em>Report</em>, <em>Market</em> Demand and Investment Feasibility

    China Vanadium Redox Battery Industry Research Report, Market Demand and Investment Feasibility

    "Research Report of Market Demand and Investment Feasibility of China’s Vanadium Redox Battery Industry" is a special research report exclusively and first written by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute for consulting services about investment feasibility study of the industry. The report is divided into: industry universal edition, personalized cust...

  • China <em>Auto</em> Plastic <em>Parts</em> Industry <em>Report</em> 2014-2018, <em>Market</em> Research and Investment Forecast

    China Auto Plastic Parts Industry Report 2014-2018, Market Research and Investment Forecast

    By 2015, the global automotive plastics consumption will reach 12.7 million tons. The Asian market is the fastest growing market and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 8.5%. In consumption of automotive plastics, PP (polypropylene) is the largest consumer while UP (unsaturated polyester) grew the fastest. As the world's largest auto sales market and automotive par...

  • China <em>Auto</em> <em>Parts</em> and Components Manufacturing Industry In-depth <em>Market</em> Research and Investment Prospect <em>Report</em>, 2013-2017

    China Auto Parts and Components Manufacturing Industry In-depth Market Research and Investment Prospect Report, 2013-2017

    It is an oversupply economic era and key for corporations to success is that whether they are able to capture the demand before the demand takes shape. The outstanding corporations would prefer to spend great efforts in seeking the current demand, potential need and new requirement of the industry. Competition of nonwoven industry is more and more fierce. In the mean...

  • China <em>Auto</em> <em>Parts</em> Industry Production & Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast <em>Report</em>, 2013-2017

    China Auto Parts Industry Production & Marketing Demand and Investment Forecast Report, 2013-2017

    With the fast development of China’s auto industry, auto groups gradually develop and expand while the host component manufacturers increase the factory amount, extend the scale, enhance the specialization and cooperation capability, and develop towards “cluster”. Current China has formed six major regional auto parts clusters: Southeastern Area whi...

  • China <em>Auto</em> <em>Parts</em> Center Industry <em>Report</em> (2014-2018), Investment Planning and Merchants Strategy

    China Auto Parts Center Industry Report (2014-2018), Investment Planning and Merchants Strategy

    Although in recent years the growth rate of China's auto industry has started to slow down, China’s auto market is still the main engine of the world automobile industry. China's auto market still has huge potential for development. As an important part of automobile industry, auto parts have a pivotal position in automobile industry. China's major distribution...

  • China Aviation <em>Parts</em> Industry <em>Report</em> on <em>Market</em> Prospective and Investment Forecast, 2014-2018

    China Aviation Parts Industry Report on Market Prospective and Investment Forecast, 2014-2018

    Under the global aviation manufacturing environment, Chinese aviation parts manufacturing enterprises not only face competitive pressures from domestic counterparts and from foreign aviation parts manufacturing companies. While competition in the aviation parts industry is growing, more emphasis is focused on market research for excellent domestic producers of aviati...

  • China <em>Auto</em> Rental Industry <em>Market</em> Forecast and Investment Strategy <em>Report</em>, 2013-2017

    China Auto Rental Industry Market Forecast and Investment Strategy Report, 2013-2017

    As a new transportation service industry in China, auto rental industry becomes an important transportation model--which greatly satisfied individual travel, commercial and major social activity--and a significant part of integrated transport system. Promoting the well development of auto rental industry has practical significances for the following aspects: transfor...

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