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Address: 19F Block A, First World Plaza, Hongli West Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen China

Quality Assurance

Quality Concept:

  • Customer Focus

    We keep a constant focus on your expectation and demand. And we provide you with forward-looking, practical and constructive researches and consulting services, to help you to achieve a constant success with a forward-looking vision.

  • Honor Credit Comes First

    Forward will never be at the expense of long-term future for short-term interest. High-quality services and professional ethics in good faith turn to be the reasons why more than 60,000 well-known customers keep placing order in Forward.

  • Innovation Products and Services

    We keep improving our products, services and management to make sure our products will provide forward-looking vision to our customers. It is the continuing pursuit and mission for Forward’s innovation products and services.

    >> Please check Forward’s

    customer evaluation and certificates.

Constant Quality Assurance:

  • Rigorous Attitude

    Forward has fully established thousands of market databases to industry segmentation. And each of them keeps updating. We have a unique advantage in studying the industry which is blanked with listed companies in the aspect of market segmentation. The advantage comes from the continuous monitoring and tracking to market segmentation for years, and the comprehensive field research capacity.

    Most of current market segments have only industry association, but no data, while some even have neither of them. Under such circumstances, an indepth market segments research report will 90% depend on field researches.

    Analysts in Forward are required to possess a 3-year working experience in enterprises and related industry, a 2-year professional background of consultation, investment, securities and finance, and the capability to efficiently combine market segmentation and capital market together.

  • Details of Quality Assurance

    To make sure the product quality and progress, all of Forward’s projects are completed by our employees and never be outsourced. We never employ interns or part-time researchers. We are always willing to learn more about customers’ demand. You will be welcome to visit our company for consultation and cooperation.

    >> Please check Forward’s

    customer evaluation and certificates.
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