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About Orders

  • Q: What if the product in damaged or off page condition, or the disc cannot be played?

  • A: Sorry for such troublesome we bring to you! Please kindly call the toll free hot line 8008306390 8008306395 and we will change a new product for you unconditionally within one day.

  • Q: Is the site payment acceptable in Forward or not?

  • A: We warmly welcome you to visit our company! Local customers in Shenzhen can make your site payment directly to our Shenzhen head office, while customers outside Shenzhen can make your site payment either by entrusting your friends in Shenzhen to make the site payment or in our subsidiary companies.

  • Q: Who pay for freight and how?

  • A: Forward pay for all the products freight. The report will be delivered by Express while the management magazine will be delivered by Standard.

  • Q: If I am a regular customer, how can I make my renewed procedures?

  • A: Thank you so much for your trust and supports all the time! Please kindly call the toll free hot line 8008306390 8008306395 and we will connect you to your specific value-added customer service commissioner who will help you to make your renewed procedures. There will be different surprising gifts every year for the regular customers who make their renewed procedures.

  • Q: How to place an order?

  • A: You can place your order in two ways:

      a. Call the toll free hot line 8008306390 8008306395, our customer service commissioners will help you to place your order;

      b. Please visit our website and place your order on line.
  • Q: What if my order contains more than 5 sets of products, or the contract period is more than 2 years?

  • A: Please kindly call the toll free hot line 8008306390 8008306395, our professional big customer manager will provide you with a one-to-one service and more discounts. Besides, there will be special surprising gifts for you.

About Products

  • Q: What are the advantages of Forward's products?

  • A: You can find the advantages of Forward's products as follows:

      Professional analysts who have at least 3+2 professional knowledge, experienced expert group from industry associations and famous companies;

      Cooperation of independent data development center, information collection center, outdoor research group and project management team;

      An on-going updated database which covers more than 3,300 market segments;

      An information collection and industry early warning monitoring system which is built for China's major industries and last for 10 years. The data of collection and system is collected weekly, monthly and annually;

      The SCP analysis model which is integrated with the world market, as well as the perfect industrial chain map guidance;

      Good cooperation relationship with China Merchants Bank(CMBC), Ping An Bank, Guangfa Securities; PE, VC agencies; accounting firms and district financial offices in more than 10 provinces as well as listed offices etc.

      The mass data supports from the THU(Tsinghua University), NBS, SIC, General Administration of Custom, SAIC and industries associations;

      The successful experience in providing decision-making information services for China's top 500 enterprises during 12 consecutive years.

  • Q: Is the Forward's market report authoritative or not?

  • A: Currently, Forward has established its long-term cooperation relationship with many information statistics institutions. Here follow we list some of them for your reference: SIC, NBS, State Administration of Taxation(SAT), SAIC, State Council Development Research Center, CAITEC, General Administration of Custom, CNCIC, Tsinghua University Library, National Library, more than 100 industry associations in China, more than 200 industry research institutions, more than 1,500 professional magazines in domestic and abroad. In addition, we have databases about Forward's industrial enterprises, macro-economic, industries and regional economic. Besides, the Forward's experts’ consultation net covers more than 20 provinces in China, and involves government statistics department, statistics organization, manufactures and local relevant authorities. In spite of all these, the statistics channels in Forward cover 8 branches in China and more than 10 information research service centers.

  • Q: How is the accuracy of Forward reports' data?

  • A: The members of market research departments in Forward are all professional and experienced. Researches they make especially for every region, together with the official data, typical case study, internal part-time job and discussion in well-known enterprise, industry experts and famous corporate executives, we ensure the accurate data source. Through rigorous investigation and scientific logical analysis, we ensure the accurate data dealing method. Up to now, Forward has established its cooperation relationships with many security companies as well as PE, VC institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and financial offices, listed offices which locate in more than 10 provinces. All Forward did gains a high praise from so many companies. What's more, Forward is a listed company as well!

  • Q: How can we know that the Forward reports' data is comprehensive?

  • A: Forward's data covers the detailed over-year economic indicators in more than 31 provinces, cities, country towns and rural areas. It reflects the comprehensive data, competitive situation and industry trend of industry economics situation, as well as products tracking and sales ranking of more than 500 products. In addition, we are monitoring the changing data of more than 5,000 products' prices in 300 cities. Depending on the cooperation relationships of government ministries, industries associations and research associations, as well as professional data center, investigation groups, research methods and channels we take, we are always able to get the comprehensive latest data. Besides, our mass databases which are accumulated over 10 years also ensure the data in our report is comprehensive. The mass databases include macro-economic database, industry monthly database, product database, import-export oversea database, enterprise database and so on.

  • Q: How can we know the Forward market reports are forward-looking?

  • A: We have competitive intelligence data system and many mass databases which designed by Forward's R&D team. In spite of these, we also have daily renew data statistics, professional statistics and analysis model, the SCP analysis model which is synchronized with the international, forecast and analysis from industry expert groups and so on. Hence we are confident that we can handle the latest industry opportunities. Up to now, Forward has established its cooperation relationships with many security companies as well as PE, VC institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and financial offices, listed offices which locate in more than 10 provinces.

  • Q: Are there customized reports in Forward?

  • A: Yes. We will base on our customers' specific demands and provide industry information researches and researches about their competitors. Because of all the information, data and researches in the information service range are accumulated over years, we ensure the advantages. The Forward customized report will effectively address the relevance, timeliness, sensitivity of the information services problems. In this way you can enjoy our intimate information services. Forward has provided customized reports to customers in domestic and abroad. And we gain a high praise from them! Please email us your specific demands to our service center. Fast feedback within 1 hour will reach to you. Our email address is:

  • Q: How is the timeliness of Forward's market reports?

  • A: The fast renew data is the core value of information products. Forward's market report has a high timeliness. For example, reports which finished in the next half year can reflect all the data in the first half year. Forward's market reports will renew several time annually. And for the monthly industry report, data in last month can be seen in the coming month report.

  • Q: How is Forward's industry position?

  • A: Forward is the leading professional company in information industry. We focus on providing industry market research, enterprise IPO market segments industrial research, monthly market monitoring, in-depth market research and project feasibility research which possess strategic reference value. We do so in order to meet the need of the enterprises who want to improve their management capacity. Currently, Forward provide services to tens of thousands of enterprises every year, among the enterprise, there are approximately 10,000 enterprise enjoy such service for 8 years.

  • Q: What is the production process of industry research report?

  • A: The production process in Forward is very strict, and usually it costs 3 to 5 month. Details as follows:

    Step 1: Set up the research group and determine the research content

    Every research group contains an expert group and a project group. There are 5 experts in the expert group, and each of them is experienced expert in industry association. Meanwhile, there are 6 members and one project manager in the project group, each of them possesses master degree.

    Step 2: The total market survey

    There will be a survey of more than 20 provinces in China, as well as administrative departments and industry associations.

    Step 3: The market occupation rate survey

    There will be a sampling or overall survey of more than 20 capital cities in China, as well as more than 200 large retail unites and other professional sales channels.

    Step 4: The enterprise production and marketing survey

    There will be a statistic survey of the output and sales volume in leading enterprises and typical enterprises.

    Step 5: Verify the data from a variety of information channels

    Step 6: Analyze the data and start the first draft of research report

    Step 7: Check and approve by experts and entrepreneurs

    Step 8: A systematic analysis from analysts

    Step 9: After-sales service

    Free answers to all the relevant questions from users. Pay attention to any feedback from our customers. Besides, we provide in-depth research of the relevant topic (it charges) and project consultations.

  • Q: It is said that there are many false information in the reports which sell in the internet, is it?

  • A: What you worry about is true. There are many websites which only pay attention to their sales volume but not its quality and service. Many customers will have such troublesome like the content is different from its catalogue or fail to get all the reports after they make the full payment. Because of this, they go bankrupt with only 2 or 3 years history.

    However, Forward promises we are responsible for our customers. There are 6 promises we make for our customers. All of them will be fulfilled. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. All the projects are done by Forward. All the employees in Forward are experienced. You will be warmly welcome to visit our company.  

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