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Industrial Observation

Foward observer group keep using filed visit to learn about the industry

Forwarder Talk

Industry experts share their views by interviewing with leading companies


24 years of experience with setting up 32 market segment research divisions, forming a complete questionnaire design logic and designing questionnaires accurately

Mystery Visit

Making full use of the advantages of 24 years experience with 200,000 customer and more than 1,200 expert, Forward conducts mysterious visits to the industries to ensure data objectivity and accuracy

Self-built industrial database,
discovering industry truth through data


More than 260 million enterprise data

Forward Database

More than 10 million industry data

Park Database

More than 90 thousand park data

Policy Database

34 provincial administrative units are all included, More than 12 million data

Forward Eye

More than 3000 million financial data

24 years of deep cultivation, self-built industry research model system

Macro Level

EFE matrix, PEST model

Industrial Level

Life cycle model, SCP model, Porter five forces analysis , EPIC model, BCG Matrix, new 7S model

Enterprise Level

Michael Porter's Value Chain Model, Chinese Pretrained Models, PDCA Cycle, BCG Matrix, Internal-External Matrix, ROS/RMS Matrix

Comprehensive analysis

quantitative strategic planning matrix, SWOT Analysis, Grand Strategy Matrix, Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix

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Devote to industrial transformation and upgrading in China

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